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Technostate inc. showcase
Technostate Inc. Showcase

Technostate Inc. proudly presents: Technostate Inc. Showcase ADE 2017. This year we get the chance to present our Technostate Inc. concept to the general public of the ADE 2017 at Cinema Club/Café in the centre of Amsterdam. Visitors of this happy gathering can expect a musical journey, loaded with the best things techno has to offer. From groovy, melodic, funky and deep techno to hard, dark and dirty techno, everything is possible on a Technostate event. In the end there will always be one consistency amongst the DJ’s of the line-up: a clear and common passion for TECHNO! So let's meet and beat!

Naam evenement: Technostate Inc. Showcase
Organisator: Technostate Inc
Club: Cinema Café
Datum / Tijd: 7 jaren geleden / 14:00 tot 22:00 / 2017-10-21 14:00:00
Locatie: Amsterdam
Deur prijs: NVT
Kaarten: Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar bij Technostate Inc
Minimum Leeftijd: NVT
Reisplanner: Je komt het snelst op je bestemming met de 9292 App
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