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Moksi & friends
Moksi & Friends

Sometimes house party hangs can be a perfect meet-up point for creative minds to click; and even though Samir and Diego, a duo behind Moksi, is a perfect example of it, the success didn't come until they actually focused on working as a team numerous years later. Moksi's music is a kaleidoscope of screaming leads and bass face perfect-subwoofer loving drops. Even though lately they've been musically inspired by 00's Fidget sound, for those guys influence starts with the 90's UK garage classics and all that goes with it. After touring the world for two years, doing about 250 shows on almost all continents, releasing about 40 songs, its time to bring it back home. During this ADE event they will invite the best of the house scene and ofcourse they will be headlining this event themselves. Moksi & Friends will be the home for the Moksi Crew during ADE 2017. Lets get it!

Naam evenement: Moksi & Friends
Organisator: Amsterdam Dance Event
Club: Martin's Sporting Club
Datum / Tijd: 7 jaren geleden / 22:00 tot 04:00 / 2017-10-18 22:00:00
Locatie: Amsterdam
Deur prijs: NVT
Kaarten: Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar bij Amsterdam Dance Event
Minimum Leeftijd: NVT
Reisplanner: Je komt het snelst op je bestemming met de 9292 App
Externe links: Facebook