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The tabulashow
The TabulaSHOW

Tabula Records is a Label created in 2016 by the Artist Alchemist and dedicated to release forward thinking, well-crafted, electronic music. We are a young independent record label specializing in house, deep house, tech house and techno releasing on vinyl and/or digital. Aspect of Tabula Records is the Groove! Many sleepless nights, have certainly been invested. We strive to be one of those labels on which you can always depend. We’ve previously been around throwing warehouse parties in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Mexico. Tabula Records shows a way of mainly Analog reduced music mixed with future techniques. The Label features international Artists like Ilona Maras, Milan Euringer, Alchemist, Cenk, Alexandros Baboulis, Serop, La Vondèl and many more. The next releases are filled to the brim with hook lines and vocals by some of electronic's finest artists! Coming Releases Aug 2017 She EP - ALCHEMIST (Incl Nowhere People) Sept 2017 Kiss Me EP - ALCHEMIST & NOWHERE PEOPLE ( Incl ILona Maras RMX) Sept 2017 NOWHERE PEOPLE - Fell Alright (Incl Alchemist) Okt 2017 SEROP & LA VONDÈL - East EP

Naam evenement: The TabulaSHOW
Organisator: Amsterdam Dance Event
Club: Curtain Club
Datum / Tijd: 7 jaren geleden / 16:00 tot 06:00 / 2017-10-21 16:00:00
Locatie: Amsterdam
Deur prijs: NVT
Kaarten: Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar bij Amsterdam Dance Event
Minimum Leeftijd: NVT
Reisplanner: Je komt het snelst op je bestemming met de 9292 App
Externe links: Facebook