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Hakuna matata x midnight riot
Hakuna Matata x Midnight Riot

Hakuna Matata ADE special This year we’re teaming up with Midnight Riot Records again to present a night full of the best disco and house can offer you. Midnight Riot Records founded by Yam Who? is an independent label London based label dedicated to releasing quality music from around the world. They have been turning up the heat since 2012. Midnight Riot are constantly pushing the nu boogie, magic edits and proto house sound - they've managed to catch the zeitgeist of a new scene. That's why we invited grandmaster Joey Negro to shake up the jungle called Hakuna

Naam evenement: Hakuna Matata x Midnight Riot
Organisator: Hakuna Matata
Club: Club Up
Datum / Tijd: 7 jaren geleden / 23:00 tot 05:00 / 2017-10-21 23:00:00
Locatie: Amsterdam
Deur prijs: NVT
Kaarten: Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar bij Hakuna Matata
Minimum Leeftijd: NVT
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