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Einmusika ade special showcase
Einmusika ADE Special Showcase

Einmusika is entering their 10th year. We start the celebration early with our ADE showcase on Thursday 19th October. Join the family and get an idea what it means when we say "Every Journey Creates A New Sound" There isn’t only black when the night is falling, the streets are not empty, the people just wake up together with synthetic lights. Melodys and emotions getting together and everywhere you can meet some great artists feeling the same mood. Traveling and touring is an inspiration for Samuel Kindermann alias Einmusik. This is why he founded his own label Einmusika where sounds come together, where artists meet and where the music he likes is getting a place for reaching the electronic scence. Einmusika is not only a platform, it is a playground for new handpicked production talents from all over the world. It sounds good when the night is falling over the club and it feels good when Samuel Kindermann takes new sounds with him.

Naam evenement: Einmusika ADE Special Showcase
Organisator: Amsterdam Dance Event
Club: De Balie
Datum / Tijd: 7 jaren geleden / 23:00 tot 06:00 / 2017-10-19 23:00:00
Locatie: Amsterdam
Deur prijs: € 15,-
Kaarten: Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar bij Amsterdam Dance Event
Minimum Leeftijd: NVT
Reisplanner: Je komt het snelst op je bestemming met de 9292 App
Externe links: Facebook