Wasteland amsterdam
Erotisch, Punk, DJ, House, Techno, Trance


Line up:

Clark Kent (DE)
Lucien Foort
Ronald Molendijk
Killian Sawn
Phreaks of Vision
Mirella Kroes
and much more

Tickets & Prijzen:

€ 54,- (ex fee)

"Due to the current situation we have temporarily halted our ticket sales because we do not know exactly whether we can organize our event and under what conditions.

We will closely follow the developments and adapt our plans to the (new) rules and regulations.

To guarantee your presence for coming Rituals Edition you can pre-register now. This gives you access to the remainder of the tickets for the events and thus the opportunity to obtain a ticket."

Dress Code:

Fetish Glamour, Body Art, Fetish Animal, Fetish-Burlesque, Cross-Dress, Medical, Fetish Goth, Fetish Steampunk, Baroque, Uniforms, Leather, Metal, Plastic, Latex, (Casual Street wear & combat army uniforms are NOT allowed).

Naam evenement: Wasteland Amsterdam
Organisator: Wasteland
Club: North Sea Venue
Datum / Tijd: over 1 maand / 22:00 tot 06:00 / 2021-11-27 22:00:00
Locatie: Hemkade 48
Deur prijs: € 54,00
Kaarten: Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar bij Wasteland
Minimum Leeftijd: 18
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